3. Architecture

3.1. Overview

Architecture of SAM4H

SAM4H is developed with Ruby on Rails and uses a database to store its states. For the communication with the storage arrays, it uses CCI and Raidcom.

3.2. CCI

The Hitachi Command Control Interface software enables you to perform operations on RAID storage systems by issuing commands from the command line. CCI needs to have correct configured HORCM-config files to work. A HORCM-config file describes, how to communicate with the storage array and lists all devices which can be managed on the command line.

3.3. Raidcom

Raidcom is a tool for Hitachi enterprise storage arrays, which gives the ability to directly interact with a storage array. It is part of the CCI software package and needs the HORCM daemon to communicate with the storage array.

All tasks executed by the SAM4H use Raidcom or CCI.